Nichols swings at Studer

July 25, 2006

green shirtMelanie Nichols joined in the fun on Stop Our City’s BLAB show to bash Quint Studer.

Here’s what she had to say – and see my analysis below:

  • Nichols on BLAB
  • Choice quotes:

    “..$2 million was diverted out of county general fund.”

    Why is this a bad thing for the county to help the downtown area? Most of the key county offices are located in the downtown and don’t pay property taxes. It’s the way CRA’s are funded. If the county wasn’t paying something, SOC would be whining that the City was paying for something that county residents were using.

    “…isn’t a slush fund for developers from Pensacola Beach.”

    Adm. Jack Fetterman wasn’t a developer from Pensacola Beach. UWF pres. John Cavanuagh and Quint Studer aren’t Pensacola Beach developers. Doesn’t take much for SOC to start name-calling.

    “…don’t have the money to build the marina, all the other amenities that the public want.”

    Wait a second. I thought SOC said there hasn’t been any public input. Nichols says there has been and complains all the parts aren’t included. Was there or wasn’t there public input? Obviously, she believes there has been.

    While SOC has delayed the construction, costs have gone up. SOC needs to take some responsibility here.

    The stadium is the big draw. Without it, the commerical section is just a strip center. Conference Center is for UWF and the community – not Studer alone. Since 1978, we have tried to build a conference center in Pensacola.

    “He’s slick salesman, that’s all he (Studer) is.”

    More name-calling. Studer is the former President of Baptist Hospital (1995-2000) who turned that institution. He established the foundation for it winning the Baldridge award. He has been honored as a Master of Business by INC Magazine. Ask the people who worked with him – they loved him.

    Studer is one of the top 20 most influential people in healthcare. He built the Studer Group from nothing. Heck, he spoke at the U.S. Naval Academy just last week.

    Snide comments like this are degrading to the Pensacola voter. Stick to facts and stop the half truths and personal attacks.


    4 Responses to “Nichols swings at Studer”

    1. Paying Double Says:

      2 million DIVERTED out of the county general fund???!!! How dare she! I am a city resident, I pay city AND COUNTY taxes. I have NEVER seen a sheriff’s deputy patrol my neighborhood. I have NEVER seen my road paved with my County taxes, I have NEVER had sidewalks in my neighborhood with my County taxes, drainage in my neighborhood has NOT been fixed by the County. The County would NOT show up if I had a fire. Do I get a discount because these services are provided by my city taxes? If I pay double for the services provided by both the City and County, shouldn’t my city taxes be a supplement, not a replacement to these infrastructure and safety needs? The County Commissioners seem to have forgotten that the City taxpayers are paying double for these type of services and improvements, yet the City alone is having to bear the infrastructure support and law enforcement. Yea, we all get the health department, jail, EMS, etc. I think the County taxes paid (or diverted if you will) to the CRA are a small payback by the County, who DIVERTS a good portion of my County taxes to the unincorporated areas. I would love to see IN do some kind of analysis of the disparate use of city property owners’ COUNTY taxes and where the County has used these funds to support their city property owners (other than the shared services such as the judicial system, health dept, etc.)

    2. Roscoe Says:

      innuendos,lies and insults – you reap what you sow, Ms. Nichols.

      Your 15 seconds of fame are over.

    3. Cave dweller Says:

      Stop Our City has Charles Fairchild, Marty Donovan and Melanie Nichols.

      Community Maritime Park had two people who were recognized leaders – Adm. Jack Fetterman, Vince Whibbs – and now federal judge Lacey Collier. Add to that UWF pres. and a nationally known healthcare leader.

      Which side has the most integrity? I think I’ll stand with the CMP.

      Compare Charles Fairchild’s practice with Mort O’Sullivan – who has been more successful?

      Compare Donovan with Vince Whibbs and Fetteman – who is the real leader and who is the pretender?

      Compare Melanie Nichols with anyone.

      Facts are facts.

    4. Raymond Says:

      RIGHT on Melanie! Let old quinty buy his OWN land and build his OWN stadium, let’s see if he builds it, will they come??? Don’t think so!!

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