Here comes the Judge

July 25, 2006


Lacey Collier To Serve on Waterfront Park Board


Pensacola, Fl.-Lacey Collier has agreed to serve on the Community Maritime Park Associate’s board of directors. Collier joins University of West Florida President John Cavanaugh and local entrepreneur Quint Studer on the three-member board. In accepting the appointment Collier has agreed to replace his long-time friend Pensacola Mayor Emeritus Vince Whibbs who served until his death in June.  VADM Jack Fetterman filled the board seat prior to Whibbs.


“I feel honored and proud to be in the position of following in the footsteps of two very, very good friends,” Collier said. “It is not overstating it to say they were both legends in their service to our community.

“My purpose in serving on the Community Maritime Park board is to help ensure that once we go forward we will have a true community park designed to benefit all the citizens of the Pensacola area, as both Vince and Jack envisioned. I can do no less in honoring the memory of the two great men who went before me.”

Community Maritime Park Associates has negotiated an agreement with the City of Pensacola to join in a public-private partnership in developing 31-acres of City-owned land on Pensacola Bay in downtown Pensacola. The proposed project will include the John W. Fetterman State of Florida Maritme Museum, a conference center including classroom space for the University of West Florida, a 3,500-seat multi-purpose stadium, significant open park space on the water, and retail and commercial development.


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