ECUA freed from worrying about re-election

July 25, 2006

lensWith Lois Benson and Dale Perkins re-elected without any opposition, it’s time for the utility board to tell the rate payers how ECUA will pay for moving the Main Street Sewage Treatment facility. Give us a plan with and without federal dollars.

If you want funds from the county or city, tell us now.


One Response to “ECUA freed from worrying about re-election”

  1. SaveAnotherCity Says:

    Do you think they’ll finally suggest a rate increase now that there’s no re-election to worry about? I’d gladly pay one to get that damn plant moved.

    I’d also be curious how any type of announcement that they were moving forward with the relocation would affect the park vote. One of the major talking points of opponents is the relocation of the plant being a greater need than the park right now. I wonder if the any major announcements will be made before September 5th…

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