Analysis of Escambia Co. School Board Races

July 25, 2006

coffeeSchool Board, District 1: Jeff Bergosh, Todd Leonard, Doug Waters

Bergosh is the brother of the current office-holder, Gary Bergosh. Many voters won’t even know they aren’t voting for Gary. So the early nod goes to Jeff.

Leonard is graduate of Pensacola High School – quarterbacked Tigers to District title over Emmitt Smith-led Escambia High Gators. This is his first-time in politics, but the PHS background will help.

Waters has run before – both in Santa Rosa & Escambia counties. Voters are familiar with the name.

Early prediction: Run-off between Bergosh and Leonard.


School Board, District 2: Gerald Boone, Cary Stidham

Stidham is the incumbent. She has been very quiet since her buddies John DeWitt and Linda Finkelstein were voted off the board in 2004. The Stidham-DeWitt-Finkelstein cabal gave Superintendent Jim Paul fits during his first term. The system has run smoothly the past 15 months. Gerald Boone is an unknown – which isn’t all bad.

Consider Stidham vulnerable, but she still has name recognition. Few will remember her political partnership with DeWitt and Finkelstein. Stay tuned.


School Board, District 3: Claudia Brown-Curry, Charles E. Glover Sr., Clinton Earl Powell Sr., Charles Thornton, James R. Mcduffie

Glover is the incumbent who was appointed by Gov. Jeb Bush to replace the traveling Ronnie Clark. His chances for re-election are slim and none. Best he can hope for is that the four challengers split the vote enough to get him into a run-off. He will need every Republican vote in the district to do that. Wouldn’t bet the house on him.

Brown-Curry, Powell, Thornton and McDuffie all have a chance. Brown-Curry has the most name recognition.


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