Who is Todd Leonard?

July 24, 2006

lensTodd Leonard is running for Escambia School Board, District 1 against Jeff Bergosh and Doug Waters.


Todd Leonard of Pensacola to qualify and run for School Board District 1. Todd Leonard was born at nearby Eglin Air Force Base and has lived in Pensacola since the age of three, with the exception of six years of military service.

Todd’s roots go very deep within the local community as he grew up on the west side of town in what was then the thriving, middle class neighborhood of Montclair. Todd was educated at Montclair Elementary, Brentwood Middle, and Pensacola High School. To this day, all three schools serve as landmarks of tradition and sources of deep affection for Todd.

“I know the influence that a good teacher can have as I can still recall very vividly lessons learned in Mrs. Kellum’s fourth grade class. Teachers shape the minds and hearts of young men and women for a lifetime,” Todd says humbly.

Some of Todd’s fondest memories are still the source of conversation amongst the “old timers” of the community as Todd had the privilege of quarterbacking Pensacola High School to victory his senior year over Emmitt Smith and USA Today #1 ranked Escambia Gators, and then leading his team to the state semi-finals.

“It’s amazing to me that that game and season are still the topic of conversation some twenty years later. It shows the need within our community for pride and tradition in athletics, something I hope to foster as a School Board member for District 1,” Todd says fondly.

After graduating from Pensacola High School in 1987, Todd was awarded an appointment to the United States Military Academy at West Point and began his plebe summer in July of 1987.

After spending two years at West Point enduring a rigorous and demanding engineering curriculum, Todd returned home to Pensacola and graduated Cum Laude from the University of West Florida in 1991 with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Science and a minor in History.

After much deliberation, Todd decided to leave the Army in 1995 after four years of service on active duty and return home to his beloved community of Pensacola.

“Most people grow up in our community and have ‘Big Dreams’ of leaving for ‘Greener Pastures.’ Not so with me. My heart always yearned to come back to the community of my roots and attempt to be a small beacon of light to our area,” Todd says gratefully.

Todd took a job in Educational Sales in 1995 with Jostens Campus Supply where he began to sell scholastic recognition products to local community schools.

Todd says, “I still had the opportunity to give back greatly to our schools, but textbook sales allowed me to better understand issues associated with curriculum and testing, issues that are foundational for someone serving on the School Board.”

While with Holt, Rinehart and Winston, Todd donated large amounts of educational materials to the schools, particularly during the difficult days after Hurricane Ivan devastated the area. In addition, Todd spent the entire school year of 2002 serving as an official tutor within Escambia County Schools once again at his childhood school, Montclair Elementary, helping to assist in reaching underachieving students.

In the Fall of 2005, Todd took a job with Pearson Prentice Hall, another secondary textbook publisher and presently works as the sales representative for South Alabama. While Todd no longer has Escambia County within his official sales territory, Todd still looks for ways to build up and edify the students and teachers of Escambia County.

Todd’s favorite activity is spending time with his wife, Trina, who grew up three houses down from him in Montclair and attended the same schools as Todd. He is the proud father of one daughter and three sons, with another son due in September. Todd loves reading good works of history, theology and philosophy and enjoys running and biking with his family.

In addition to his work and leisure, Todd is pursuing a Master of Arts in Religion from Reformed Theological Seminary. He and his family are members of Providence Community Church and his wife Trina serves on a host of community organizations, including the Junior League of Pensacola, where she is the Vice President of Finance and Fundraising.

“I believe that we can rise to neverbeforeseen levels of success with the right leadership, the right vision, and a determined commitment to excel in every area and I believe that I have the skills necessary to propel us in that direction.”

For more information, please go to http://www.votetoddleonard.com or call Todd Leonard at 850/572.7669, or Ruth Thompson at 850/206.6071


2 Responses to “Who is Todd Leonard?”

  1. Larry Huntley Says:

    I am trying to find out if Todd Leonard’s children attend our public schools? Thanks.

  2. An Observer Says:

    No, they attend private school. You will see by visting his web site that he has no faith in the public school system and unashamedly has bashed our students, parents and teachers.

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