PYP Political Forum Update

July 24, 2006

pyp 1Good news! All 18 candidates will be participating in tonight’s forum.

Here is the agenda / order that we will use for the event:
Welcome from PYP
Escambia County Commissioner, District 2
Escambia County Commissioner, District 4
Pensacola City Council, District 1
Pensacola City Council, District 2
Pensacola City Council, District 3
Pensacola City Council, District 5
State Representative, District 3

PYP is very excited about this event. This is our first official event we are hosting since we formed months back. It is our hope this event will not only educate people on the issues, but also show that the working young adults of this community share a stake in our community’s vision of building a better Pensacola.

Ashley Hodge
Public Relations Specialist
Baptist Health Care


4 Responses to “PYP Political Forum Update”

  1. Ann Griffin Says:

    Where?? I’d love to attend but cannot find the location !!

  2. routzen Says:

    5:30 to 8:30 p.m. at Pensacola Junior College’s Haglar Legislative Auditorium.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Drive up 9th to PJC and keep going until you see the Sonic on the left, turn right on Underwood Drive. Parking lot is on the right side.

  4. WanderingHoo Says:

    Someone please provide a recap for those of us unfortunate to have to be working late. I hope it is a well attended and well received event.

    Thanks to PYP for organizing and to all the candidates who show(ed) up.

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