Santa Rosa County candidates

July 22, 2006

Santa Rosa County

Here’s who is elected without opposition:
State Senate
· District 2: Durell Peaden, (incumbent), Republican, Crestview.
· District 4: Don Gaetz, Republican, Niceville.
State House of Representatives
· District 1: Greg Evers, (incumbent) Republican
· District 4: Ray Sansom, (incumbent) Republican

County Commission
· District 4: Gordon Goodin (incumbent), Republican, Navarre.


· City Council Ward 2 (nonpartisan): Pat Lunsford, incumbent.

· City Council Ward 3 (nonpartisan): Grady Hester, incumbent.
· City Council Ward 4 (nonpartisan): Lloyd Hinote, incumbent.


· Mayor (nonpartisan): Kurvin Qualls.
· Town Clerk (nonpartisan): Linda Carden (incumbent).


County Commission

· District 2: Robert A. Cole, (incumbent), Republican; Ronald Scott, Republican, James Leon White, Republican

School Board

· District 1 (nonpartisan): Diane L. Scott, Robert E. Smith
· District 3 (nonpartisan): Diane Coleman,  Carolyn McLaughlin
· District 5 (nonpartisan): Edward (Ed) Gray III (incumbent),  Michael R. Speed

City Of Milton

· Mayor (nonpartisan): Tom Scott; Guy Thompson, incumbent.
· City Council Ward 1 (nonpartisan): Buddy Jordan, incumbent; Mack Thetford.

Town Of Jay
· City Council (nonpartisan): David Bush; Charles “Chubby” Haveard.


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