Gallagher in town

July 21, 2006

Just ran into Tom Gallagher in the old Southtrust Bank building – which houses O’Sullivan, Creel & Levin – Papantonio. He, of course, got off at the O’Sullivan floor.

Tom is working this area heavy. I think this is at least the third time he’s been here since Memorial Day. He’s running for the GOP nomination for Florida governor. His opponent is Crist.

Go, Tom, go!


One Response to “Gallagher in town”

  1. WanderingHoo Says:

    I happened to catch Rod Smith when he was in town the other morning. Thought he came across pretty well. Well enough for me to give him a second look for the upcoming primary.

    Frankly, I think Gallagher is the worst of the four options Floridians have right now. This is his fourth try for the office and each time around his message and vision has been cut ’till all he is left with now as a platform can be reduced to a bumper sticker…

    “Jesus Luvs Tax Cuts”

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