Who is stealing Grover’s signs?

July 19, 2006

lens18 Grover Robinson campaign signs were mysteriously found in a yard on Bluff Circle this a.m. This is not the first problem with missing signs that Robinson has had.

From Grover:

Dear Rick,

You have incredibly good sources to know that we already had 18 signs picked up by the Police Department from 2405 Bluff Circle . This seems to be only the latest in sign wars. At your request, I am including a letter written in June to my opponent about this issue. In the interest of fairness, I am including his response to me. I have scanned it, so if you have difficulty receiving it, please contact me and I will fax it to you.

I will note that the 12thAvenue he is referring to is the shopping center on 12th Avenue next to the Gulf Coast Kids House. The supporter is a friend of the owner who gave us sole permission to place signs on his property.

I have repeatedly told my supporters that we will not pull up any signs unless placed on a property where we have the sole right to be there (I have had two Banjanin signs placed on properties I personally own). Once collected they should be taken to our office so that they can be returned to Mr. Banjanin’s home.

Like so many other things in Escambia County , I am frustrated by the politics; however, my faith is always restored by the people. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me at 433-8261.

Thank you for your time and assistance.


Grover C. Robinson, IV

Note from Rick to bloggers: This is ridiculous, old school political antics. Let me know if you see anyone picking up Grover signs. Send me their tag number.

Here is the PDF of Grover Robinson’s registered letter to Comm. Tom Banjanin:Letter to Banjanin

And Banjanin’s reply:Banjanin Reply


3 Responses to “Who is stealing Grover’s signs?”

  1. Jeff Says:

    I live around the corner from Bluffs Circle on Semoran Drive. Yesterday my IM FOR GROVER sign disappeared the SAME DAY a hand written note from TOM KAT saying he visited was on my front door…Coincidence…You Decide!!!

  2. Matt Says:

    Same thing on Arizona dr and Wimbledin.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    The third party that had been stealing the signs is in fact a number of high school students doing nothing more then a practical joke. Actually, they have all ready been dealt with over the past few weeks. I assure you it is nothing political and is purely harmless fun. Immature and unintellegent, sure, but harmless fun none the less.

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