Top 5 Hottest Blog Items as 1 pm – July 19

July 19, 2006

Rick's Blog

  1. Stop Our City Video 
  2. Sorry, Charlie, wrong date for SOC 
  3. Rick’s Blog No. 1 blog     
  4. Who signed SOC petition?    
  5. tie It is parking, stupid and TOM KAT is their guy       

One Response to “Top 5 Hottest Blog Items as 1 pm – July 19”

  1. Ed Berry Says:

    It amazes me how you put so much local news into your paper and other media outlets. And I mean real news and not a lot of fluff. One of my pet peeves is the state of education here in the county. A blue ribbon panel lays out the problems and then the school board does its level best to continue to study the problems already identified instead of looking for solutions.

    Here’s one for starters. The physical plant that we send our kids into each year is falling apart. Many of the schools need to be replaced; not repaired. Additionally, we spend about 3-5 million dollars more per school than Santa Rosa county. Most of the extra money is spent on architects. We have no need of architects. The system already employs two of them so why are we spending any money on outside firms? Each and every school not only costs more to build, but more to maintain due to the lack of any program to insure that plumbing, electrical, HVAC, and other systems are standardized. Santa Rosa county solved this problem by not having any architects and using the free, yes I said FREE, sets of blue prints that the state has ready for any school. All the systems are located in the same place at all schools, the various plumbing and other systems are all the same or as close as possible to the same. The maintenance people know where to go to fix a problem, they know the history of the system and they don’t have to carry 50 different parts to fix it. The way this is done is called standardization.
    Another thing that chaps my jaws is why do we have a former teacher/dean in charge of buildings and grounds. People who do this work professionally are called civil engineers and judging by the way some of the schools are maintained and by the decisions made as to which buildings get what fixed, a professional is needed. Keep the teacher where he or she belongs. They are profoundly ignorant of civil engineering disciplines. Tate High is an example. Move the cafeteria to the former parking lot. Seems like a perfect choice, except that once construction started they found that all the sewer, water, gas and other utilities had to be moved to make room for the foundation. OOPS! No one checked and that is the point. Additionally, we are spending large sums of money on these projects and you would think that someone from the county office would check to see that buildings are at least being sited properly.

    Here’s one more. Acquisition costs are ALWAYS cheaper than Operating and Maintenance costs. Money spent on the front end can really save you bundles in the long run. I’m not making any of this stuff up. Just take a survey of any large firm and they will give you the same answer.

    Thanks, i needed to get that off my chest. It’s been making crazy since I got to Pensacola. Oh, I almost forgot. If you are saving money in operations and maintenance, you might be able to pay your teachers a decent salary. My wife is a teacher here and when we got married, I took her off to Dayton, Oh. where I went to get my masters degree. She substituted in the local school system outside Dayton. They paid $110.00 a day in 1981. But then farmers always have a better appreciation for what is important.

    Ed Berry

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