Say it aint so…WSJ will have front-page ads, Stickers coming soon

July 19, 2006

coffeePress Release

Wall Street Journal Introduces New Front Page Advertising Opportunity
Tuesday July 18, 6:53 pm ET

The Wall Street Journal will provide advertisers with the opportunity to reach the world’s most coveted audience with the addition of a front page advertisement beginning in the third quarter of 2006.

In 2006, The Wall Street Journal advertising revenue was up 14.2% through May driven by significant gains in the Monday through Friday editions as well as with the success of Weekend Edition.

“The front page of The Wall Street Journal sets the agenda for business among the world’s opinion leaders and decision makers,” said Judy Barry, senior vice president, advertising sales, The Wall Street Journal. “Our new, front-page advertising opportunity enables our clients to make a powerful statement to the Journal’s unique readership and builds upon the success we have had with section front advertising on Money & Investing among financial advertisers, on Marketplace among technology advertisers and on Personal Journal among consumer-oriented advertisers.”

The front page of the Journal will continue to include the same number of page-one stories as it does currently.  Note: Just shorter – RO


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