Will SOC give Deweese the boot?

July 18, 2006

angryThat’s the question on people’s minds today.

Save (Stop?) Our City has its regular open meeting tonight Tuesday at 6 pm – Bayview Park Senior Center.

Jeff Deweese of the Community Maritime Park Associates has been a regular attendee. Blair Stevenson has emailed her fellow SOC-ites that she will arrive early and uninvite Deweese to the public meeting.

There’s been a rumor that WEAR TV 3 will be there to witness what happens.

I have no problem with SOC having closed meetings. It’s obvious that they are already meeting and making decisions outside these weekly meetings – which is not illegal.

But don’t get mad because you decided to make the meeting open and you don’t like everyone who’s there.

Jeff, we recommend you bring kool-aid and cookies for CC.

Topic of tonight’s meeting (per their website): More emails.


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