Stop Our City Video

July 17, 2006

laughYou need to watch this new video on Community Maritime Park. It will run on WEAR soon.

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    8 Responses to “Stop Our City Video”

    1. Jason Says:


    2. Hank Says:

      GREAT Start!

    3. Mike Landers Says:

      I support downtown redevelopment – I want this project
      go through.

      I have a few concerns however. Can anyone else who
      supports this project answer me?

      Will the park still have a Maritime Museum that’s like
      the Aviation Museum?

      Will residents have access to the waterfront to
      fish and relax?

      Will the basebalkl stdium still have the removable wall?

    4. Jeff Says:

      The plan for the maritime museum is spectacular. Dr. Cavanaughs vison is for a massive aquarium tank with a 16th century ship wreck replica in the base of the tank. Periodically, the wreck will be covered with sand and then “excavated” by students just like if it was in the bay or gulf all this happening while fish from the are are swimming around…and thats just one exhibit. So…YES

      the waterfront will be completely accessible all the way around and yes…fishing will be permitted. I saw them catch a 2 foot shark down there the day of the tours.

      Yes the stadiums wall will open to allow the “field” to join with the amphitheater area to create a giant green space.

      Post any more questions and Ill get he answers

    5. Mike Landers Says:

      Thanks Jeff. Do you know where can I view the latest site plans? I’ve tried the city’s website. M

    6. Rick Says:

      This referendum will tell more than just the future of 30 acres of waterfront weeds (the city has at least 70 more to the west and on the prot to the east for further future development). If Pensacola says no, we will 1st, continue to be passed over as monies flow to Orange Beach and Destin. We do not need to become a Destin, but we do need the facilities that people look for as they select the next site for their business or personal home. We are in a competition for people and money with other communities. 2nd, we will continue the loss of young generations, who are forced to go elsewhere for career and cultural enrichment.

      This is a great start to revitalizing the waterfront. Yes, the multi-use stadium will have moveable walls in the ‘outfield’; yes, there is water access; yes, the Fetterman Maritime Museum will be a substantial attraction!

      Vote for this important community investment – and tell your friends, business associates, and city taxpayers. Let’s get the dirt flyin’!

    7. Mayra Blanco Says:

      I support the downtown park. I can’t wait till the project is completed. Though it is not the same concept this still reminds me of Bayside in Miami. This is something new and fresh in the area, much needed!

    8. Raymond Says:

      You are ALWAYS whinning about 1/2 truths, seems this clip is Full of them!

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