PNJ miss: We are FEMA trailer capitol of Florida

July 17, 2006

lensThe daily writes about FEMA trailers in the area in today’s issue. One fact that sticks out: “Currently, no more than 970 trailers or mobile homes are occupied in a FEMA group site, a rented commercial mobile home pad or on private property.”

We checked with state officials last week. Escambia County has more FEMA trailers still in service from the 2004 hurricanes than any other county in the state. Our county government has been much slower in helping people get back on their feet and out of trailers. They can blame FEMA, Rebuild or the state, but the responsibility lies with the county government.

I see the FEMA trailers not as “sign of recovery” but as sign of how slow we are to act on fixing problems of the poor in this area.


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