Gallery Night Buzz

July 14, 2006

beer900+ people visited the IN offices -over 800 margaritas served by Mr. Margarita. Pirate-theme a hit. Pirates included Riannon Morgan, Ashley Hodge, April Phillips, Cat Outzen, Marina Paul, Jamie Miller and Lyndsey Battle. Several of the Pensacola Young Professionals (PYP) stopped by. It was a cool place to be, of course.


People shocked over Marty Donovan voting against letting public vote on the DIB expansion. Everyone thought he said the public should have the right to vote. At least, that’s what he told voters to get them to sign the park petition. Right?

Rumor the FBI is investigating the Robert Boggan and Jerry Preyer deaths at the jail. No confirmation.

Also the infirmary at the Esc. Co. jail is up for renewal of their accredidation this month. Inspectors are expected in two weeks. Do they know about the deaths? How many does it take to get demerits?

A jail insider relayed the padded cells aren’t the problem. It’s the infirmary cutting medication. Need to confirm.

George Touart – county administrator – is trying to get on the program to speak to the PYP. To clear up any “misunderstandings.” Come to think of it – I don’t think the County has any employees in the PYP. On the other hand the City of Pensacola does. Either County has few employees who qualify for Pensacola Young Professionals or they’re afraid to join a group that the IN help found….interesting

My suggestion – if the county wants a better relationship with young professionals, then encourage them to join. That would go a long way.
Quotes heard: “Why can’t we have more Gallery Nights?”

“This is what every weekend would be like if the Community Maritime Park is built.”

“Where are Charles Fairchild, Marty Donovan, CC Elebash and Blair Stevenson? Why aren’t they supporting downtown businesses?”

A lot of positive comments on the paper – which isn’t unusual, especially after a few drinks. But remarks were encouraging. Several readers sought me out.

Quote: “Why does PNJ keep using the term “Pensacola Bay Area”? Nobody but them and the Chamber use those words to describe this place”

Asked several times am I a Republican or Democrat?

Save Our City has been scrambling to see if they have violated PAC laws with their efforts to get candidates to run against current councilmen. There may actually be an ethics complaint filed.

Several people had read this blog wondered why SOC is upset about someone attending their open meetings and reporting on it. Didn’t SOC accuse their opposition of operating behind closed doors? Shouldn’t they take the high road?

Quote: “Save Our City may be the first generation that doesn’t give a damn about the younger generations. It’s all about them.”

Also their email quotes look to be far worse that any Bullock one. Very vicious.

Not many of our visitors said that they were going to see the Blue Angels.

Community Maritime Park Associates will run out ads soon. No more sitting quietly on the sidelines.


One Response to “Gallery Night Buzz”

  1. Ashley Says:

    Smashing IN party!

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