Save Our City can talk about candidates – but no other help

July 13, 2006

angry SOC is also upset over my statement that they may have broken the Florida PAC rules when they discussed who they were backing in the city elections and who could they get to run against John Fogg.

Checked with David Stafford – Esc. Co. Supervisor of Elections – SOC is okay as long as they don’t expend any resources for candidates.

In other words, no SOC checks for candidates. Your paid staff can’t do work for Marty Donovan or other candidates. You can’t let them use your office on Ninth Avenue. Other than that, you should be okay.


3 Responses to “Save Our City can talk about candidates – but no other help”

  1. maritime supporter Says:

    ironic that SOC old fogies make up stuff, use fear tactics and call city and maritime park officials names but can’t stand the heat themselves. they can dish it out but can’t receive it. when will they wise up that they’re fruitlessly trying to hold this town back because of their own stupidity, negativity and myopic, selfish reasons?

  2. Anonymous Says:

    It’s sad that the level of “public discourse” in this city has been reduced to name calling and finger pointing. Can anyone remember the last time someone actually discussed the issues and didn’t attack the person or persons who support or oppose those issues? Both camps should be ashamed.

  3. routzen Says:

    Unfortunately, it’s difficult not to respond when one side is putting out tons of misinformation. Check the Save Our City webste and you will experience their venom first hand.

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