Marty’s wife is upset with me

July 13, 2006

laugh  Helene “Stay the Course” Donovan is upset with me over posting notes on what happened inside the public meeting held by Save Our City. The Save Our City “brain trust” is sending tons of emails back & forth:

Blair Stevenson has written in a email to the Helene and others:Jeff has got to go. It may be a public meeting, but just as you’d oust someone for disrupting a meeting for other reasons, we can and must oust someone who is quietly, and sometimes not quietly (his debate with Charles in the last meeting), intent on doing us damage. I will volunteer to come early and deliver the message myself to Jeff.”

Worse they’re cheap: Per C.C. Elebash: I agree with Blair that Jeff Deweese should be “uninvited” to the Tuesday evening meetings. He has taken advantage of our hopitality. Also, he did not invite us to his meeting where there was free food and beverages.”


First off, Deweese isn’t the only person who attends your meetings that reports back to me. So maybe you need to have all your group strip searched and strapped to lie detector machines – but be sure it doesn’t interfere with anyone’s pacemaker.

Second – public meetings are public. If you don’t anyone to know what you’re plotting then close the meeting.


One Response to “Marty’s wife is upset with me”

  1. SaveAnotherCity Says:

    Tell them I’ll pay for the prune juice at their next meeting.

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