July 12, 2006

lensReally focusing on E.W. Bullock and their belief there’s a conflict of interest due this firm representing the City and working with Community Maritime Park Associates.


Have more emails obtained thru Public Records request. Shared them with the group one-by-one. More record requests have gone out to John Cavanaugh – UWF pres; Jeff DeWeese – campaign advisor to CMPA (who I don’t think is required to anything), Jane Birdwell – ad exec for CMPA (not required either to replay), EW Bullock (required to send in anything related to City work), Mort O’Sullivan/CPA for CMPA (no requirement), Raad Cawthon/EWB employee (same as Bullock), Kim Kimbrough (must comply), David Bailey/CRA director (must comply), Tom Bonfield/City Manager (must comply), Evon Emerson/Chamber pres. (maybe on some items).


What do they claim to have found: (heavy emphasis on ‘claim’ – emails are taken out of sequence)

  • Email re: Councilman Mike Wiggins to make a motion after presentation to pass the item… SOC sees as Sunshine violations.
  • Email stated that the formal presentation to the council was made by EW Bullock… SOC claims conflict of interest
  • Raad email to Quint about League of Women Voters is on SOC side.
  • Went over several emails with less than flattering remarks about some supporters.
  • Email from Raad 2-3-2005…need a new urban planner because Gindroz is tainted since we paid him
  • Email with Raad telling Quint how to respond to specific questions
  • Email from Raad indicating Quint’s friendship with Rick Outzen.

PNJ to get all of Raad’s emails – No word whether the Independent News will be included. Don’t know if there will be a press conference.

They are also discussing candidates and how to elect their people to the City Council – may be a violation of the PAC rules.

  • Went through all of the current council races and identified all SOC supporters running against current Council and even other candidates
  • Talked about Bob Walker, Sam Hall and Marty Donovan
  • “and we still have Jerry Howard”
  • Trying to find someone to run against Mayor Fogg.


What’s next big issue for SOC? Pilings and dredging. The SOC “scientists” claim it will take millions to dredge bay and CMPA doesn’t have it in the budget. SOC claim: They’re selling one thing, but promising another.



  1. Anonymous Says:

    Why are these people so rabid about stopping growth in this city? I can’t help but imagine that they are motivated by reasons that are more about them personally than a park that represents a giant leap forward for the future of downtown. Truth is, there will have to be MUCH more growth than this to get people to want to live here on purpose. The inability of this community to make one damn decision is infuriating, and only serves as yet another reinforcment to the stereotype of the south as a bunch of backwards rednecks.

    Too many rich, conservative white people trying to protect their money against perceived threats. Shake ’em up Rick.

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