PYP – Inside 7/11 General Meeting

July 11, 2006

Seventy-four Young Professionals attended tonight’s general meeting. Wide variety of professions, shapes and colors. Very representative group of the community.

The group is taking off. Has $7150 in the bank from dues collected.

They vote unanimously to support the Community Maritime Park.

Also, will have Political Forum on 7/24- 5:30-8 pm at PJC Hagler Legislative Auditorium.  Candidates include city council, mayor, county commission, state rep, state senate.

Other events – Social at Capt. Funs on the Beach, July 29; Housing Seminar in Sept.


3 Responses to “PYP – Inside 7/11 General Meeting”

  1. pcolafuture Says:

    Does this group have any intention of supporting any candidate(s) in the upcoming local elections? I’ve talked to several members and a couple of board members, and the prevailing theme I’ve heard so far seems to revolve around Happy Hour. I sincerely hope they don’t waste all of the publicity they’re currently receiving and instead choose to really get involved in Pensacola’s future. So far, to their credit they’ve got people’s attention…looking forward to see what they’ll do with it.

  2. routzen Says:

    PYP has voted to remain neutral on all candidates and to not be affiliated with any party. They did vote to take on the Community Maritime Park because they believe it’s best for the community.

  3. Miss Taken Says:

    I don’t believe Happy Hour has been the prevailing theme for
    the Pensacola Young Professionals. See below:

    PYP To Host Political Forum
    The economic development committee will hold a Political Forum
    for 2006 political candidates running for City Council, County
    Commission, State House and State Senate on Monday, July 24th
    at PJC’s Hagler Auditorium from 5:30 – 8:30 p.m.

    This is just an example how this group is supporting Pensacola’s
    future by educating others about political candidates. I’m
    thankful that there’s a group that is willing to organize such
    a forum. Way to go, Pensacola Young Professionals!

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