Anderson backs out of City Council race

July 11, 2006


Last Friday, with enthusiasm and anticipation of where our community could be headed, I filed for City Council District 4. However, since then, several things have occurred, and made me realize that I need to focus on my new job, private commitments, the anticipated birth of my first grandchild, and a slew of other things, delaying a return to public life until another time.

I am writing to you with the hopes that this information gets to you before your publications make the appropriate announcements about my filing. There is a side of me that argues very strongly against this, but the stronger side says that “you are on the right track, and the future will be yours.”

I regret the confusion, but this is the right decision. I do hope our region will learn to lead, to compromise, to work together, to be forthright and strong, because WE have such a great future, if we plan for it, and if we join the issues and citizens together. The task is not easy, but it definitely is achievable. As one of my heroes used to say, “this is clearly the place where thousands live the way millions wish they could!” I just hope we all realize it before we become lost in the quagmire of delay…okay, I will stop preaching.

Thank you for your attention…I love Pensacola and NW Florida!

Yours Truly,

W. Rhette Anderson


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