PNJ REMIX – 7/10 issue for short-attention spans

July 10, 2006

coffee Here are the six main local stories in the PNJ today. We remixed them – giving you the title followed by the last sentence of the article. It’s amazing how much time it saves the reader:

Area laments loss of Weed and Seed program
“The Weed and Seed concept is one that we would like to see adopted in a much-larger area,” Spears said.

Santa Rosa is storm-weary, cautious a year after Dennis
Medlin said no one should feel the Pensacola Bay Area will be spared just because the year has been quiet so far.

Director of Jazz Society steps down on high note
Now that he’ll be retired, Vickers plans to do some gardening and continue to raise camellias.
“I am also going to practice my instrument,” Vickers said.

Blues show set for takeoff
“But if other vehicles or driveways are blocked, we will have no choice but to tow them,” Ward said. He advised beachgoers to carpool.

Church unifies around pastor
Gulf Breeze Methodist gets its new leader

Mountcastle told his new pastor how much he enjoyed the first sermon.
“It was so forceful and clearly presented that I didn’t look at my watch once,” he said.

Business booming at beach
“There is only one road off and on the beach,” he said. “You have to avoid the silly wrecks and fender benders, and you have to realize you’re coming for the day and not just for a three-hour air show.”



2 Responses to “PNJ REMIX – 7/10 issue for short-attention spans”

  1. anonymous Says:

    Let’s just go ahead and write the next month’s full of stories in advance and give them a vacation. I’ll get you started:

    Sheriff Under Pressure From Community
    “I just don’t see where there’s a problem,” said McNesby.

    Chamber Recruiting New Jobs
    “These high paying call center jobs are the key to Pensacola’s growth,” according to Frey.

    Park Debate Continues
    Later in the meeting, City Council voted 9-1 that the earth did indeed revolve around the sun. Marty Donovan cast the lone dissenting vote.

  2. routzen Says:


    Hurricane season is not over yet
    Please read our Sunday Hurricane insert.

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