July 9, 2006

DC cap   On Friday July 7, the NY Daily News published information from an unauthorized leak on FBI’s arrests of axlleged terrorists who were talking in Internet chat rooms about blowing up the Holland Tunnel.

Yet, strangely we haven’t heard any protests for the Bush Administration or their supporters. No one is calling the Daily News traitors like they did the New York Times when it reported on the government’s illegal eavesdropping or oversight-less monitoring of domestic calls and banking transactions.

No one is saying the reporters and editors should be sent to the gas chamber, even though the FBI has said the leak compromised the FBI’s ongoing investigation and its relationship with some foreign intelligence services.

What’s the difference between the NYT leaks and this new one published by the Daily News?

  • The NYT stories politically embarrassed the President. They showed he may have broken the law.

  • The Daily News leaks make the President a Hero – Defender of the Republic – Protect against Evil Terrorism.

So if you leak info that’s favorable to the President – you’re a champion for justice. If you leak info that hurts him politically – you’re a traitor.

Isn’t that right, Mr.Rove?




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