CC flops with viewpoint

July 9, 2006

In today’s PNJ, retired UWF prof C.C. Elebash – and vocal opponent to the Community Maritime Park – summarized the CMP proposal and told us that he believes the Community Redevelopment Agency revenues should be use to pay for the relocation of the Main St. Sewage Plant and that nothing else should be done until the plant is moved. He predicts it will take 7-8 years to do move it.

7 or 8 years!!! By then, we will be so far behind Baldwin County, Alabama and Okaloosa, Walton and Bay counties that we won’t have to worry about doing anything. We will be the Brownsville of Northwest Florida – hoping for some religious revival to draw money to the area.

The Main St. Sewage Plant is owned by ECUA. All revenues for the current plant and any income from a new plant will go to ECUA. It’s their responsibility to relocate it. City funds shouldn’t go to ECUA – any more than should City funds be used to help other utilities like Gulf Power or Bell South.

The Trillium site is large – the ballpark, conference center and maritime museum aren’t directly across from it. The plant will have minimal impact on the public enjoying the property.


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