July 6, 2006

lensThe July 6th issue of the PNJ has an article on the settlement of another Taser abuse – or should it be misuse? – claim that’s, of course, titled, “Settlement Reached In Taser Case.”

What’s interesting is the box at the end of the article that quotes the anti-sheriff website

Insurane Lie Thu Jul 06, 2006 4:30 am
I believe that you’ll find that not all claims against the ECSO are ‘settled’ by the insurance carrier (who, BTW, is paid almost $1M per year in fees of our money) – there was a claim against the SO brought by then Sgt. Randy Brown over the shooting of his son by another ESO deputy – McNesby settled that claim, against the wishes of the insurance carrier, by paying Sgt. Brown $200,000.00 of our dollars and then promoting Brown to Captain. I saw the details at



The RonnieMACPOWERTRIP guys apparently used the comment section of the website to blast the sheriff.

Let’s see how long it stays up.



  1. Anonymous Says:

    Well, the anti-RonnieMac blog has been up soon-to-be-a-year now.

    The number and quality of the documents (images) posted there are astounding!

    The coverups, political playmanship, backroom deals, graft, corruption, abuse of power, and criminal acts are obvious to even the most casual observer!

    The deaths at the jail are just the tip of a shameful iceburg!

    The insurance fund is being used as “hush-money” to coverup gross incompetence, and a departement filled with rogue sociopaths.

    Wake up Escambia County. You can’t afford this!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Dear Rick: Sorry, cuz’, but that statement “send me facts,” ain’t passin’ the smell test.

    This blog is filled with facts. Dates, places, times, documents. And names of people to follow-up with. And yes, it is occasionally filled with rants, and personal attacks. But please note that after a succession of blog administrators, that is now held to a bare minimum.

    Nope. This opinion of the recognized members of the press and their organizations developed over a period of years. It was verified (removing any doubt about the press sucumbing to SO intimidation) with the Mollye Barrows incident. The press as a whole, a whole, should have been righteously outraged by this. A letter should have been sent to the Sheriff, protesting this outrage in the strongest terms (to include legal action) with informational copies to the Governor, AG, and all of your corporate headquarters. And ALL of the members of the press corps signatures should have been affixed.

    As I’m sure your aware this blog has and is getting a tremendous number of “hits” (readers) and it is growing. Many of the observations are going on the leoaffairs website for statewide leo readership. Why? Because it has filled the void that was held by the traditional press. That is it see’s, for what it is, corruption, and it understands that a few passing mentions of it will not make it go away. This is a “long march,” not a short hike. And when the oraganized press prints a few stories, and then wanders off to cover other stories, then the public forgets, for you have just told them, “it’s not that significant.”

    Today, the press has assumed a mantle of “making the news” and not reporting the news. And your readership numbers show it.

    I might be a little more forgiving of the press as a whole, but ALL of you refused to conduct any in-depth investigative reporting on McNesby’s background. Even after, after, being provided with the documents. Beginning with his arrest in 1968, and indictment by a state grand jury. And the history of this sheriff’s actions while in office only continues to go down. Just when we think we have seen the worst, it hits a new low.

    Facts? A story? Which one do you want to know about?

    How about multiple jail deaths? How about a ruling by the pathologist that a homocide occured, yet no one is disciplined, fired, or charges preferred? Oh, yes, there was a PROMOTION. The jail administrator, Dennis Williams, was promoted to Director of Planning and Research.

    How about after all of these deaths, in and out of the jail, NOT ONE leo has been charged?

    I heard someone wryly observe the other day; “On paper, we statistically have a perfect sheriffs office.” Correct. In each and every incident leo’s have been cleard. You don’t find this “odd?” That the right decision has always been made?

    No. Sorry. If you do not see this. You must be looking in the wrong place.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    You were to kind to Outzen and the others. In those immortal words of Ackerman, culpable, PNJ, WEAR and IN were and are culpable in the election and re-election of McNesby.

    Sorry, it was all about money (contributions, adds), and again they made the decision that by virtue of campaign contribution levels who was and was not a viable candidate.

    Morgan and Powell, because of their education and experience (someplace other than here) were both excellent choices for sheriff.

    I noted that the IN, in what appeared to be a sideswipe, printed that short piece that Pappa Don Schroeder “had a dream and vision” that he was to support Morgan. But never followed up with anything other than this somewhat sarcastic shot to verify why Schroeder or anyone else would support him.

    The PNJ when listing the candidates, DID NOT list academic qualifications. Why do you think that would be? Because 3 of the 5 candidates had Masters Degree’s. The two, pre-selected contenders (by virtue of their contribution reports), McNesby and Willis were GEDer’s. This was not important?

    So the previous poster is right. They now make news and don’t report it.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    At 9:24 AM, July 13, 2006, Real Jouranlist said…


    If someone sends you the documents, the REAL THANG, will you publish them?

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Here is one!

    How could this guy have gotten hired by McNesby?

    How can he be walking the streets in uniform and carrying a gun?

  6. Anonymous Says:

    How about this document:

  7. routzen Says:

    I’ve passed the documents over to our editor Duwayne to review. They’re very interesting. Thanks, Rick

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Or how about this, Rick:

    An armed robber working as a deputy ? How’s that for a document ?How are those for facts ?

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Somewhere along the line, the “deputies” and corrections officers got the idea that a Taser is to tool to evoke “compliance”. This is NOT TRUE, Tasers are purely a defensive WEAPON. And a deadly weapon at that, albeit less deadly than a firearm.

    Tasers are NOT a compliance tool!

    To use a Taser as a compliance tool is an attempt to TORTURE the detainee into compliance!

  10. Anonymous Says:

    “Thee electrical shock is not only inhuman, it is out of control, maybe the CO’s get a thrill out of seeing someone tremble and fall to the ground when tasered,. . .”

    There are two plausable explainations here;

    1) The CO’s are goulish sociopathic dungeon keepers –

    2) The CO’s are grossly outnumbered, stressed out, burned out, have too little support, too little training, and no leadership or accountability.

    Take your pick!

    PS: The building didn’t Tase anyone. How does a padded cell stop a CO with a Taser and a bad attitude?

  11. Anonymous Says:

    H. Ronnie McNesby’s Arrest Documents, Rick!

  12. Anonymous Says:

    Why does the Escambia Sheriff’s office continually violate the public records laws ? It is not without deliberate purpose- consider the following example:

    A public records request was made for all documents relating to deputy David Brown’s employment with the SO; a large number of documents were generated and supplied (request #1) after some delay. Review of the supplied documents indicated that the polygraph examination results and the pre-employment background were not supplied.

    A request (#2) was made for the illegally omitted documents and they were supplied with portions of the polygraph exam redacted, with no explanation of the redaction given in writing as the law required.

    First Polygraph Link:

    A request (#3) was made for either the explanation for the redaction, or for the report to be provided un-redacted – the report was returned partially unredacted.

    Actual Polygraph Results Link:

    Why was all of that effort expended to hide public information from the public ? It seems that under polygraph examination Mr. Brown admitted to aggravated assault with a firearm and to committing AN ARMED ROBBERY.

    Incredible, isn’t it ? A man walks into the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office, admits to beating his 8 ½ month pregnant wife, shoplifting, several batteries, AG ASSAULT WITH A FIREARM AND ARMED ROBBERY AND IS HIRED AS A DEPUTY.


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