June 28 Martini Night Conversations

June 29, 2006

MartiniCommunity Maritime Park needs to counter the Save Our City talk about the waterfront park being an insider deal.

Mix reviews on EW Bullock’s working behind the scenes with the CMP group and for the City. Some feel Studer, et al need to distance themselves from Bullock and make it clear he wasn’t paid by them. Others see it as non-news.

League of Women Voters is looking to host a public debate on the park in August. May televise on it on WSRE.

Some buzz about the porn ring bust. WEAR & PNJ are all over the place trying to get list of customers. Was it timed to distract public from jail deaths?

Speaking of PNJ – expect news stories to improve – reporters are required to bring in 10 story ideas to their editorial meetings.

Ron Smith (Dem for Gov) will be here July 18 to launch a bus tour of the state – still in planning stages.

Larger crowd than usual.


One Response to “June 28 Martini Night Conversations”

  1. Heather Says:

    Regarding the porn ring bust: Since when is it illegal to pay & film adults for pornographic movies sold to adults? Am I missing something here? Granted the only facts regarding the legal case are what was reported in the PNJ but I just didn’t see what was so illegal? If children were involved that would be different, but seems these were just three very enterprising guys who found a way to make some serious money in NW Florida…..not an easy task! And before you jump to conclusions, I’m a married mother of two children living a very conservative middle class life in Pensacola. But I just don’t get it. Isn’t there more important crimes for McNesby & Co. to be investigating? I’m sure they enjoy investigations involving sex much more but really….come on. I hope I get picked for jury duty on this on.

  2. Heather Says:

    And by the way, Thanks for the blog, Rick Outzen! Excellent idea. I can’t wait to read it daily.

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