June 28, 2006

Pd.Pol.Ad. paid for by

Save our City

Political Action Committee

P.O. Box 464

Pensacola, FL 32591

Meetings every Tuesday at 6:00 at Bayview Park Senior Center

Watch us on BLAB every Sunday at 5:30 P.M

June 27, 2006

Mr. John Fogg, Mayor

City of Pensacola

P.O. Box 12910

Pensacola, FL 3252

Dear Mayor Fogg:

The Pensacola city manager, city employees and city council members are planning on, or will be, using city property and city financial resources to communicate and “educate” or explain to the public the Community Maritime Park Project (Project) to be placed on the Trillium property. As you are aware, educate involves bring all the facts and information to the public, not just the position advanced by the City or the Community Maritime Park Associates (CMPA).

The above individuals are also paid employees of ALL the citizens of Pensacola. As such, they have an obligation to represent ALL the voters of Pensacola.

Save Our City PAC gathered 7,122 valid signatures of the active voters of Pensacola who petitioned the City Council to hold a referendum on the city Council action approving the Project and the agreements with the CMPA. These voters and citizens who signed the petition also have a right to have a voice in any electioneering communications or education on the Project that is presented by the City.

We believe Save Our City PAC represent the signers of the Petition and as such, we are specifically requesting that we be allowed representation and/or a place to present our side of the Project on any and all presentations, literature, mail outs, letters or other communications concerning the Project that the City presents, prints, publishes or mails to the public using City resources.

We do not propose or desire to limit or restrict any communications or impose our viewpoint upon the City or any individual or organization that seeks information on the Project. However, we request that any presentations or communications to individual(s) or organization(s) made by employees, agents, representatives or elected officials of the City that purports to “educate or explain” the Project also contain the following statement; “A petition drive by voters in Pensacola has forced the city to hold a referendum on the Project. Their information and position can be found at or Phone 221-3839.”

We further request that any City communication that is intended for distribution to the public using radio, television (including BLAB), mail outs, flyers, handouts, brochures, cards or other written communications also include a section or time slot where we may present our side of the project.

In the case of written communications, we would furnish our copy in a timely fashion so that it can be inserted into the written piece and that we have final editorial rights on our content. In the case of television or radio, the City would furnish us equal time at an approximately equal time slot prior to the referendum date.

We do not expect to be part of any program presented by the City or its representatives that has been requested by Civic Clubs or similar broad based community clubs or organizations as these membership organizations generally allow equal time for both sides of an election issue to be presented. However as a courtesy to the many citizens in the community who do not support this project we believe the above statement expressing our opposition to the project should be given during the City’s presentation. We would extend the same courtesy to the City on any presentations that we make to community groups.

Thank you for your attention to this request.

Charles Fairchild, Chairman


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