Latest Jail analysis

June 28, 2006


Based on comments made by Escambia Co. Sheriff Ron McNesby and former Jail Director Dennis Williams, the reasons for the deaths at the Escambia County Jail are as follows:

  1. It’s a community problem of dealing with an increase of mentally ill people and nowhere to house them.
  2. It’s a training issue – corrections officers aren’t properly trained to deal with mentally ill.
  3. It’s a facility issue – jail doesn’t have proper cells for mentally ill.
  4. It’s a state problem – state is no longer taking on mentally ill.
  5. It’s a county commission problem – the county commissioners need to fund the jail better.
  6. It’s an overcrowding issue – 300 more inmates than jail can handle.
  7. It’s a staffing issue – jail is understaffed by 42 officers.
  8. It’s a pay issue – starting salaries for correction officers is only $28,000.

If we accept these explanations, then we’re left with the questions – Why did it take three deaths to reveal these problems? Why hasn’t the ESCO and the entire Escambia Co. govt. been more proactive?


4 Responses to “Latest Jail analysis”

  1. burnlounger Says:

    OK, so they are playing the “blame game” vs. looking to themselves and saying, why are we not chastising the very people who were basically unkind and showing no restraint, so as to have murdered three black men in cold blood?

    This is a RACIAL issue, and that motherfucker is trying to cover it up as a RESOURCES issue. He should take one of those tasers and STICK IT UP HIS ASS!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Better yet, why haven’t we heard of the problems on a State or National level, with rising jail deaths all over Florida; it would seem that this ‘national’ problem only manifests itself here.

  3. routzen Says:

    Good point – seems like 60 minutes or Dateline would be all over it.

  4. topsalesgal Says:

    What about the 42 year old woman who died of an apparent heart attack?
    Sounds strange to me.
    Anyone know what happened there.
    Did no one hear her cries for help?

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