FAX to Escambia County Re: Public Records Request

June 28, 2006


124 S. Palafox St.
Pensacola, FL 32502

To:Sonya Daniels, Escambia Co. Office of Public Information


From:Rick Outzen, Publisher


Re: Public Records Request

In order to save Escambia County time and money, the Independent News will start faxing copies of our Public Records Request for information – to which state law mandates that we are entitled – to Collier Merrill.

Is there anyone else to whom we need to also fax copies of our requests before the records are released?

Background: Today the Independent News made three records requests of Escambia County. Copies of the requests were faxed to a stockholder in the paper – Collier Merrill – within hours. We thought we would speed of the process by cutting out the middle man.

For the record, we have another record request that is over three weeks old. Also Collier Merrill has no input or control over the content of the Independent News.


One Response to “FAX to Escambia County Re: Public Records Request”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    typical guvment agency, unfortunately, trying to hide public records and at same time bully the press into silence. i’m sure glad those tactics don’t work on you guys. keep up good work!

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