June 24, 2006

Save Our City press conference revealed that E.W. Bullock Associates supported the Community Maritime Park and was involved in the developers' strategy sessions. At least one employee Raad Cawthorn shared insights on how he felt the council would vote.

Bullock serves as the advertising, marketing and public relations firm for the City of Pensacola. Bullock was paid $428,732 for services between 1997 and 2002, according to the daily.

Is it proper for Bullock to pick sides on a issue that is going before the council? In the daily paper, Bullock says he wasn't paid for his services to CMPA and that he cut off discussions with CMPA after it was presented to City Council.

The emails provided by SOC indicate a stronger relationship than just serving as a go-between for the developers with the City staff and council members.

However, Councilman Jack Nobles told the daily – "I think it is Ellis' job as our public relations representative to be involved in this process. That's what we pay him to do."

Another client of Bullock was the National Museum of Naval Aviation – whose foundation Adm. Fetterman headed until right before his death. This wasn't mentioned in the daily's article.

What do you think? Is there a conflict? Who was Bullock representing?



  1. Undisclosed Says:

    Take one look at our city’s RFP process (Visitor’s Information Center, ECUA, Museum of Naval Aviation, etc., etc.). The conflict couldn’t be clearer. Without question it is the Good Ol’ Boy network at its finest…

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Hell, here is just some of the clients EW Bullock lists on its website:
    Boeing Championship
    City of Pensacola
    Department of Solid Waste Management
    Emerald Coast Utilities Authority
    Energy Services of Pensacola
    Escambia County Area Transit
    Escambia County Department of Public Safety
    Pensacola Chamber of Commerce – Economic Development
    Pensacola Chamber of Commerce
    Pensacola Ice Pilots
    Pensacola International Film & TV Festival
    Pensacola Interstate Fair
    Pensacola News Journal
    Pensacola Pelicans
    Pensacola Regional Airport
    Pensacola Sports Association
    Pensacola Symphony Orchestra
    Pensacola Convention and Visitors Bureau
    Port of Pensacola
    Portofino Resort
    Santa Rosa Island Authority
    Studer Group

    Looks a boat load of conflicts. They represent nearly every government entity and dozens of entities that get funding from those entities – Chamber, Boeing Championship, Pensacola Sports Association.

    Somebody’s got some explaining to do.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    The Florida Public Relations Association does have an ethics code. You can find it at http://www.fpra.org/au_ethics.asp.

    Bullock may have violated two sections of the ethic code:

    8. A member shall not use any individual or organization professing to serve or represent an announced cause, or professing to be independent or unbiased, but actually serving another or undisclosed interest.

    10. A member shall not represent conflicting or competing interests without the express consent of those concerned, given after a full disclosure of the facts.

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