We’re no longer the darlings of the anti-Ronnie Mac crowd

June 22, 2006

A reader tipped me off that the paper and me, personally, are taking a beating on the website: ronniemacpowertrip.com. I haven't read that blog in a long time, but still I was surprised at how clueless the anonymous commentators are in how real journalism works.

For them, it's about attacking their enemies (while they hide safely behind a veil of secrecy, so that they don't have to prove their allegations or face those they attack) regardless of the evidence.

Here are some of their choice comments:

On making the Black Caucus a loser:  " Anonymous said… Big brave item Rick. Complain about black people. Too bad you stopped complaining about the corrupt white people. You have no balls."

On the Buzz item about Preyer's death: " Anonymous said… If they haven't figured out any answers yet – don't hold your breath. They are killing the inmates Rick. You know that. THe PNJ knows that and WEAR knows that. You have all chosen to not report that. Your wimpy coverage is indicative of your mambership in the spineless local press losers club."

Anonymous said…
Until the InWeekly doesn't have to rely on McNesby buddy Ray Russenberger as one of it's investors, don't hold your breath waiting for the paper to do anything negative about the corruption and lack of accountability by McNesby and crew.
Those days are over for now.

8:47 AM, June 22, 2006

Anonymous said…
The biggest victim at the In Weekly has got to be Duwayne Escobedo. It must be difficult for Mr. Escobedo to continue writing for a paper that is censored.

8:49 AM, June 22, 2006

Anonymous said…
Rick Outzen – one more Escambia County whore who chose a paycheck over honor.

9:03 AM, June 22, 2006

Anonymous said…
I remember it well. Waiting for the In to come out so I could read the truth. Those days are over. Now I just wait to see how bad Outzen sucks.


12 Responses to “We’re no longer the darlings of the anti-Ronnie Mac crowd”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Fair weather fans and nothing more. I suspect the people making critical remarks (probably just one person hiding behind a computer) simply has a personal problem or has been on the receiving end one too many times. This is one IN fan who will not listen to baseless slander.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    i agree with previous poster. what a crock of cow manure. that anti-mcnesby crowd is so blinded by their conspiracies that lack any shred of fact and their hatred, they’ve lost all objectivity and credibility. they’re like the boy who cried wolf. i’m no sheriff lover but i know i can trust the IN because it’s balanced and fair, even if mcnesby and his enemies are not. keep up the good work, rick.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    The sad truth, Rick , is that you and I both know how real (investigative) journalism works – you just quit doing it. When was the last time YOU made a public records request ? Or the poor coverage on the Vlack matter – did you take the time and trouble to track down the victims and get their stories ?

    Apparently not.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Hey Rick – haven’t seen you print anything about the civil law suit against the Sheriff for violating the public record’s law – isn’t that news ? It’s factual, filed in Circuit Court and now before Judge Allen . The parties are both local, as are there attorneys. No story. No interviews. Where’s that journalism now ?

    Its concerning Public Records, the First Amendment, all of those things near and dear to the press, yet a deafening silence from you.

    And you wonder why you’re criticized.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    i agree with previous poster. what a crock of cow manure. that anti-mcnesby crowd is so blinded by their conspiracies that lack any shred of fact and their hatred, they’ve lost all objectivity and credibility.

    Document after document has been posted and is still available on the blog – where have you been ?

  6. Anonymous Says:

    I am not surprised people are complaining.

    Our neighborhood wrote and called IN about the County
    Administrator refusing to follow County ordinances and state laws concerning a developer’s (who his son happens to have found work with) unpermitted activity. This was not an anonymous snipe. We appeared before the BCC with lots of instances of misinformation and irregular dealings.
    (the county attorney agreed with our position, by the way, and turned the issue over to Code Enforcement again)

    Your ‘paper’ wouldn’t even look into the info we had. Not even a call back.

    There is definitely a lack of trust building for PNJ, WEAR and sadly, now IN. If you guys are not interested in getting to the bottom of bad government, then the people will find alternative sources of info.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Less than 100 miles from here is a paper that won the Pulitzer prize for exposing corruption in a Sheriff’s office; here, in Pensacola, we have two papers that are complicit by their silence in government corruption. While I’m sure by now that Mr. Outzen, middle aged as he is, has lost all dreams of journalistic excellence and is simply looking for a paycheck, it saddens me to see Mr. Escobedo dragged down into the quagmire. I always thought that he had potential.

    I too trust what I read on ronniemacpowertrip.com far more than I do the IN – over there they post the documents to prove their assertions. Over here the documents are never even requested because the assertions are ignored.

    Enjoy your paychecks – they cost you the public trust.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Most of you want to see Ronnie Mac out of office – so you attack the one newspaper that has really openly challenged him and his actions. Brilliant reasoning!

    Who broke the Taser abuse story first? Who first reported on the Ronnie Mac website you all love? Who reported on the Boggan death and the problems with Prison Health Services? Who has called for Feds to investigate the jail?

    IN – yet you want to attack them. How smart is that?

    If you have evidence, then sent it to IN. Posting innuendos on a ronniemacpowertrip.com does nothing.

  9. routzen Says:

    Give me facts. We will do our best to pursue them. Understand that not ever lead pans out or gives us enough information to make a credible news story. If we’re going to accuse someone of a crime, we’ve got to have hard facts.

    Accusations of me holding Duwayne back or me taking a paycheck over principal are the typical crap that keep this community backwards.

    The more we attack each other – the more easily corruption prospers.

    You have any facts then give to us, but unlike WEAR or PNJ, I don’t have an army of reporters to send on a story. It will take us time to pursue the leads.

    There’s no big corporation backing IN. It’s just me and our advertisers.

  10. RMSUCKS Says:

    Why, Rick! This can’t be true!? The IN being removed from the courthouse?

    Why, you know that McNesby, Whitehead, Tourart, et al, are “just fine hardworking and upstanding, public servants.”

    And that “get McNesby/hate McNesby” website is just a group of malcontents spouting rumors and propaganda.

    By the way Rick, ever bother to check the archives at the Clerk of the Court (that’s called ‘investigative reporting’) on your buddy Harry Mac’s 1968 arrest, and indictment? How about the CWD issue in WS?

    Oh, that’s right, you don’t need to check it out because it’s just more rumors and propaganda from “that website.”

  11. RMSUCKS Says:

    Hey Rick, Checkout this link to the documents that show that Ronnie McNesby was arrested in 1968…..(PDF)….then say it isn’t so….

    Then read all the rest at:


    Oh, that’s right, you don’t need to check it out because it’s just more rumors and propaganda from “that website.”

  12. Anonymous Says:


    Why does the Escambia Sheriff’s office continually violate the public records laws ? It is not without deliberate purpose- consider the following example:

    A public records request was made for all documents relating to deputy David Brown’s employment with the SO; a large number of documents were generated and supplied (request #1) after some delay. Review of the supplied documents indicated that the polygraph examination results and the pre-employment background were not supplied.

    A request (#2) was made for the illegally omitted documents and they were supplied with portions of the polygraph exam redacted, with no explanation of the redaction given in writing as the law required.

    A request (#3) was made for either the explanation for the redaction, or for the report to be provided un-redacted – the report was returned partially unredacted.
    Why was all of that effort expended to hide public information from the public ? It seems that under polygraph examination Mr. Brown admitted to aggravated assault with a firearm and to committing AN ARMED ROBBERY.

    Incredible, isn’t it ? A man walks into the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office, admits to beating his 8 ½ month pregnant wife, shoplifting, several batteries, AG ASSAULT WITH A FIREARM AND ARMED ROBBERY AND IS HIRED AS A DEPUTY.


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