Terri Schiavo’s husband backs Dem. Jim Davis for Gov.

June 22, 2006

Dear Rick,

My name is Michael Schiavo, and you know my family’s story. The ordeal surrounding the life and death of my wife Terri was more painful than anything I could have imagined.

But I want to tell you another story, an important and overlooked part of my story that you may not have heard. It’s about a leader who came to my family’s defense, and in doing so, defended the rights and privacy of every family in Florida and across America.

It’s the story of a leader who seemed to have everything to lose and nothing to gain by taking a stand, yet did so with courage and conviction. That leader is Jim Davis.

Before the polls showed Americans opposed what the right-wing leaders and media were doing, Jim displayed the courage to lead on this important issue. In standing up for me and my rights on the floor of Congress, Jim stood up for the right of every family and every person to make their own decisions without political or government interference.

Because Jim stood up for my family and yours, I am personally asking you to join me in standing tall for him. Each new contributor will have their contribution matched one-for-one up to $250. Their $25 is worth $50, their $100 is worth $200, and their $250 is worth $500 to the campaign. Even the first $250 of a $500 contribution is matched so it is worth $750 for our campaign efforts.


A governor is supposed to be a leader. I know Jim will be a governor who respects the role of families, honors the law and understands that true public servants should not be in the business of telling Americans how to run their lives.

It’s a fight we need your help with, because like me, Jim will be savagely attacked by the right wing for simply defending our rights.

The right-wing extremists will do and say anything to get revenge on Jim for the principled stand he took in Congress. They’re already planning to use Terri to rally right-wing voters in Florida to defeat Jim Davis, and we just can’t allow that to happen.

That’s why it is so important for you and me to take a stand for Jim TODAY. Your donation of $50, $100, $250 or up to the $500 limit before the June 30 deadline is absolutely critical so we can finally have a government that understands the difference between privacy and politics. There are only a few days left to the end of the quarter, so Jim needs your help now!


Together, we can break the right-wing extremists’ stranglehold on Tallahassee and stand up for Jim in the same way he stood up for us.


Michael Schiavo


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