Forgotten Jail Death

June 19, 2006

Received an email today reminding us that there was another jail death over two years ago.

Gene Moore, an elderly handicapped black man died at the jail in November 2003. We've put in a records request to find out the specifics.


One Response to “Forgotten Jail Death”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    It is my understanding that certain crimes (assualt, rape, murder, extortion, etc.) are Crimes Against the People, and as such are required to be prosecuited. That one cannot enter a bank with a shotgun demand money, but if caught in the act negotiate a civil settlement to escape the consequences.

    How then can the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office negotiate civil settlements (insurance settlements) with folks like Dix, Johnson, Vlack, etc. and use it to intimidate victims of their acts to prevent them from filing Criminal Charges against the ECSO employees?

    The public does not know how many settlements are made, much less the content of the settlements, nor the crimes that are being covered up by this practice.

    Something is wrong here! There needs to be an accounting by the Sheriff of the “insurance settlements” made and for what reason?

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