Another complaint about SOC challenge

June 8, 2006

From a reader: "Your five team challenge is slanted because a comparison of "five minor league ball parks that have built stadiums in downtown areas in the PAST FIVE YEARS" blurs the real issue. Namely, what is the historical economic success of minor league baseball in the U. S.? When researched in early 2004, over 200 baseball leagues had been created and folded. I doubt that these leagues would have disappeared if they generated an adequate revenue stream. Statistically, the odds of the Pelican team long term survival is very poor."

My response: I really disagree with your basic assumption that the only accurate way to analyze the viability of the baseball park is to take a historic perspective. It's a very unscientific and illogical way to examine the CMP proposal.

Such an macro analysis precludes any changes in the sport, culture or economy. It's treating the CMP proposal with a broad brush and not looking at how minor league teams and downtown area may have changed over the years.

Yes. I will grant you that too short a time frame for analyzing an issue may get you caught up in popular trends whose impact are only temporary – which is why I set five years as the period.

You focus on the negative without examining or researching what is happening in downtown areas that have new minor league baseball parks. You've not examined what the impact is on a team or community if the league folds. You don't know if its a negative at all. Forming new leagues isn't difficult in this new era of minor league baseball. The Pelicans have been in three leagues – does it matter? If so, how?


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