Challenge to Save Our City

June 4, 2006

Save Our City is against the Community Maritime Park. Though their reasons why change every hour, they seem most upset about the baseball component. So in the 6/1 issue, I have challenged SOC to name five minor league baseball parks that have been built in the past five years in downtown areas. IN will also pick five. Then we will thoroughly study whether these parks have been successful and have a positive economic impact on their communities.

Will SOC name five parks? My bet is no, because they don't want to know any facts. They are afraid such a study will hurt their efforts.

Me? I'm willing to take the risk. If the analysis comes back saying downtown minor league baseball parks are huge failures, then I will re-examine my position on the baseball park component of the Community Maritime Park.


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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Rick- Kust got back from Chattanooga, Tennessee. New ballbark on the Tn. River- Major downtown redevelopment. I was there a few years ago and the only thing down there was the aquarium.

    Today there were people everywhere, a ballgame in progress, new restaurants, stores, condos.

    If P’cola fails to build this ballpark, we are defintely going to slip into the backward ass spot of the Gulf Coast even more.


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