Andrews Institute

May 12, 2006

Anonymous said…
“I can’t believe that you think the Andrews Istitute is a good idea, what a waste, especially a waste of the 2,5 million dollars the taxpayers will have to pay for it. What a pork barrel load of shit. You must have some stake in it. Your paper still sucks.”

It’s so nice to have an intelligent debate. The only comment missing is “and you’re fat.”

The $2.5 million is a solid investment by the State of Florida. The Andrews Institute is the best thing to happen to Gulf Breeze since the building of the Pensacola Bay Bridge. It will make Gulf Breeze and South Santa Rosa County a mecca for healthcare and life sciences. There is no other industry coming into Santa Rosa County that will create more high paying jobs. Several companies are considering setting up branch offices and even distribution centers in the area to take advantage of the research that will be done at Andrews. Eglin AFB has asked them for help with their training programs. This is no pork barrel project by any means.

And I don’t have a stake in the the facility.