Democrats still can’t raise money

April 17, 2006

The Democrats running for governor are boasting about raising big money for their campaigns.

“Our record-setting quarter is the clearest indication yet that my vision for keeping Florida’s promise is resonating in communities all across Florida,” U.S. Rep. Jim Davis said of the $2.27-million he’d raised through March 31.


Davis, who outraised his Dem primary opponent state senator Rod Smith, is sucking wind financially compared with Crist, who has raised $8.8-million, and Gallagher, who has raised $6.6-million.

The Democrats are hedging their bets – many are backing both Crist & Smith. Such longtime Democratic money-machine trial lawyers as Gary Pajcic of Jacksonville, John Morgan of Orlando, Fred Levin of Pensacola of Steve Yerrid of Tampa are helping raise money for both.

That’s not to say Democratic donors have written off the state or put away their checkbooks. Far from it. They just like sure winners.

Democratic donors are enthusiastic about other races. Democratic U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson from Orlando has proved to be one of the country’s top Senate fundraisers. But in the marquee race for governor, the vast Democratic fundraising community in Florida is not yet convinced Democrats can win.

It’s a big leap to cast Crist as the winner this far out, especially as he has to get through a Republican primary in which Gallagher has millions to tear him down. That Gallagher and Crist are raising such eye-popping sums – more than $15-million combined, compared with $4-million for the Democrats – ironically may be the Democrats’ best weapon.

With little money and two candidates unknown by the vast majority of voters, the Democratic victory plan victory relies on the two well-known Republicans ripping each other’s faces off – and the assumption that once the nominees are chosen in September, national Democrats will pour money into Florida to win the Governor’s Mansion.

National money flooding in to help the Democratic nominee is no sure thing, however. Back in 2002, the teachers unions virtually bankrupted themselves helping Bill McBride get stomped by Jeb Bush. Count them out this time. Likewise, the AFL-CIO has split, and its campaign spending in Florida is uncertain at best. Trial lawyers so far seem most enamored with Smith, but also comfortable with Crist.


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