Why is the Independent News focusing on Save Our City?

April 16, 2006

  1. It has knownly misrepresented facts to scare residents into voting down the park, and we will expose those misrepresentations every week.
  2. They have attacked the character of the proponents of the Community Maritime Park – the surest sign of a weak position.
  3. They have few hard facts to support their opinions.
  4. They have no real estate appraiser’s report to support their valuation of the land.
  5. They have done no polling of city voters to verify that they have enough support for a referendum – which may cost us $50,000.
  6. They use circular logic to fight the park. For instance, one hand they want nationwide bids on the park, but then they criticise Quint Studer for not living in the City of Pensacola.
  7. Their alternative proposal is a municipal auditorium and public park – the very thing the citizens rejected three years ago.
  8. Their delays are driving up the costs of the project every day as interest rates rise and the cost of materials rise. But they won’t take responsiblity and instead will blame Quint Studer.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Instead of focusing on what Save Our City is doing wrong, why not discuss the issues holding up the development.

    Provide pros and cons of the ball park. Statistics with resources for both sides. Provide each sides’ development plan, including uses and projected revenues.

    Provide an avenue for public debate among citizens. Invite City officials to watch. Develop a course of action to achieve the results sought from your Ballsy Plan. Bring your plan to the debate and make a presentation to the citizens and officials.

    Don’t just throw plans out there, actually help people to voice their opinions and make this place a better area to live.

    You spoke of leadership in this week’s issue. Anyone can be a great leader, it just requires knowledge and motivation; an ability to bring people together for a common cause.

    You seem to be dividing and not uniting, thus you are wokring against a solution. A unified opinion is the only solution to moving forward in development of the Trillium property.


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