Rebuild Northwest Florida keep finances a mystery

September 25, 2005

Last week the Santa Rosa Press Gazette wrote a news article on the spending of Rebuild Northwest Florida -titled “Who Gets Those Rebuild Dollars?” Link:

Our Buzz in the Sept 22 issue gives the highlights of that article.

Rebuild’s board of directors is a virtual Who’s Who of Pensacola. They have successfully raised close to $5 million – we can’t be sure since they would let anyone see their books. Yet they won’t tell the public how they are spending the money.

Instead they have the PNJ (whose publisher serves on their board) doing personal vignettes.

Why the secrecy? Nearly every other non-profit in this community keeps its finances transparent. If you call them for a set of financials, they will provide them.

What are they hiding? For months, I’ve publicly and privately asked for the financial reports. Each time I was promised them, but they never came. I’ve repeatedly told them that it’s better to be open than have the public and the media find out something wrong.

The Santa Rosa Press Gazette is the beginning of the media finding how Rebuild manages its money. Let’s hope Rebuild comes up with a more detailed report soon.


3 Responses to “Rebuild Northwest Florida keep finances a mystery”

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  2. miketilson Says:

    What you are seeking is only the tip of the iceberg. They just recently received $20,000,000 from FEMA and the State of Florida for hardening homes in Escambia County. Continue your research and requests and see where they lead you.

  3. pnstosrq Says:

    This may be bigger than you think. Please don’t stop looking, as there is a lot to find. Trust me, there are a lot of people helping themselves to our money!

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