Citizen’s Review of ESO

August 24, 2005

It’s time that Escambia County seriously consider a citizens’ review panel for the Escambia County Sheriff.

When our paper exposed Taser abuse in the Pensacola Police Dept, Chief John Mathias didn’t hesitate to investigate it. Eventually the officer in question resigned. Sheriff McNesby did nothing about his deputies that were mentioned in the article.

A 25-year old man was killed by McNesby’s SWAT team last month. FDLE has been called in to investigate, but the Sheriff stays silent. Teenagers are manhandled by deputies at Valentine’s Day dance – and the Sheriff remains silent. There are numerous tales of Taser misuse that go unreported and uninvestigated.

Movement for Change wants to an independent review panel, and I have to agree. Nothing will change unless we add more supervision to the mix.


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  1. C.S.M. John L. Lord USA(Ret) Says:

    Mr. Outzen,

    Seems to me there is already established, a citizen review board, in Escambia County. I am at Ft Benning, Georgia but subscribe to the PNJ and a friend there sends me the IN, irregularly. This committee has been in existence for 2-3 years…I think. It is troubling to me that you and your paper has moved significantly to the left, from your early days.

    I lived in Pensacola when I was instructing at the Ranger Jungle Camp at Eglin AFB and knew the Escambia Co. Sheriffs from Seely to McNesby. McNesby, the better of the lot, seems to have somehow pissed off you and your staff inasmuchas you have an obvious and serious hard-on for the guy. What gives??

    Whether you know it or not, your county has one of the best disaster response plans/operations in the Southeast, if not the country. to cope with natural (storm/hazemat)disasters, domestic and foreign terrorism. Having been involved in the coordination (federal/state/local) conferences since 2001 and seeing what strides he and his staff have made, it amazes me to follow recent events and actions by some elements, such as your paper, who seem hellbent on affecting the confidence of the citizenry in their law enforcement establishment. To see the IN staff aligning itself with and lending it’s support to a scorned, borderline psychotic strip club madam,a group of fired,passed over, disgruntled, disloyal SO employees, an airheaded idiot losing candidate, the Air Force is glad to be rid of, an opportunist racist thug, a wannabe, self-appointed TV show host who is AWOL from a village, somewhere and finally, the freaking ACLU, is totally inconceivable to this old soldier !!!! You have done a lot of good, in the past, but Jesus Christ, you are degrading yourself by becoming, what appears to be, the leading participant in the biggest “cluster-f–k” in recent years. If someone told me that Outzen, Escobedo and staff are on drugs, I’d be hard pressed not to believe them !!!!!

    Your “nightmare” Outtake today was “touching”, in a sort of psychedelic way! You’ve been taking dramatic lessons from Robert Byrd (D) WVA, right ?? Do you think McNesby should talk, with a lawsuit pending……….before the FDLE finishes their investigation and reports their findings, before the Medical Examiner definitively reports their findings ?????? OR, do you simply subscribe to the various and sundry grand conspiracy theories that populate that ridiculous Web Site and now Blog (on the same server as yours) ????

    BTW, with reference to that Idiot, David Craig, my friends inform me that he actually said…on live TV…..that Mr Boggan “died AT THE HANDS of Escambia Sheriff Ron McNesby and in confinement at the Escambia County Jail” !!!! They say the tape is on his web site (my media player is not working) and that his story about his withdrawing from BLAB TV is BS……that Fred Levin kicked his dumb ass off. Also, he is supposed to have offered to pay $5,000.00 to run two more shows, which Levin unceremoniously declined, while admonishing him to not let the door hit him in the ass as he left. They said Fred is not a top personal injury lawyer for nothing. Jesus !!!! ya’ll hitched your “wagon” to a real winner there !!! This guy wouldn’t make a good “live target” on our firing range, here at Benning !

    Please attempt to extricate your heads from your rectums…….get back to good reporting………all could be forgiven…~~maybe~~

    C.S.M. John L.Lord USA(Ret)
    Ft. Benning, GA

    “CSM John L. Lord”


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