Don’t let naysayers derail Maritime Park

May 26, 2005

PNJ’s Markie O’Brien fired several shots at the Community Maritime Park today. His disjointed set of points make no sense.

To compare the Park with its huge economic impact to a North Hill Preservation Association is ludicrous. The Park benefits both Escambia & Santa Rosa counties as well as Pensacola. The other only helps a few residents.

WCI and the City Council had more than 18 months to make proposals. They sat on the sidelines.

The question is:
Are a ballpark/multi-purpose stadium, maritime museum, UWF marine research center, retail & office complex the best use of this property for the entire community? Gindroz, other urban planners and the majority of the community say yes!

If we like the plan, we don’t need to keep shopping the land.

Property value is not the issue. If it were, we’d be building $500K+ condos on it. We don’t need more upscale housing.

Comparing WCI with Studer/Fetterman/Cavanaugh is also ridiculous. The reason this community has been so accepting of the plan is because of the character of these men. Had WCI been the first to make a proposal, people (including the PNJ) would be up in arms about a developer taking over the waterfront property.

O’Brien did nothing but muddy the waters today. Hopefully no one will take his ranting seriously.

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  1. Charles Baisden Says:

    Rick —

    As someone who is new to the area, it seems that you are taking the correct position. I have no bias about the property (in fact, I’ve never even seen it). From an economic development standpoint, it makes sense to enhance Pensacola’s economy with this development.

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