Who was the leak?

April 22, 2005

Yesterday’s PNJ story on Port of Pensacola director Chuck Porter and his shakedown of city employees and Port leasees for personal loans has got us wondering how the Gannett-owned hurricane rag got the news tip.

Who ratted how Porter? The PNJ hasn’t done a investigative piece like this in over a year. The daily hardly ever writes a negative piece on the Port or the City of Pensacola.

So who threw Porter – who is set to retire in the fall – under the bus?

The members of the Downtown Crowd do not like the Port – something on which I agree with them. Could it be that one of them leaked the story to Editor Randy “Hurricane” Hammer over drinks at the Fish House?

Good investigative news is always about who has the best inside sources – whether the story is about Tasers, polluted water wells or unethical behavior by a city official.

I am envious that the PNJ got this one…but I can’t help but wonder about the hows and whys. The daily manages its coverage so carefully and wants so badly to be liked by the community that it rarely goes after the status quo…..that is unless it wins favor (drinks?) for the paper’s management.


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