Is it time we look at consolidation?

April 20, 2005

With Escambia County working on its new mega-complex on Palafox Street, this could be a great time to look at consolidating some City of Pensacola and Escambia County departments.

It’s ridiculous the City has nearly as many employees as the County. Do we need seperate inspection, engineering and planning departments? Why not combine the legal departments? Roads departments? Law enforcement?

I’m sure there are many more department combinations that make sense. Our local government is our top non-healthcare employer in the City of Pensacola. That doesn’t bode well for our economy.

We find ourselves feeding the City bureacracy rather than being creative. This is why we still have a Port and why the City Council was so reluctant to even consider selling City Hall.

Currently, ideas are created in a vacuum and public input is restricted.

Let’s downside city government – every other small business has had to do so since Ivan. Consolidation would let us do so without sacrificing service levels.


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