Pensacola Film Festival Rocks

March 20, 2005

Pensacola amazes me – just when you think this city will be forever backwards…an event comes along that is cool, fun, edgy and worthwhile.

That’s what we have with the Pensacola Bay International Film Festival. The films are fantastic. The guests are great. And the parties are memorable.

Saturday’s VIP party at eat! was hip (am I allowed to still use that word?) and cool. Anthony LaMolinara was there with his family – passing around his Oscar. Damn it was heavy, but I didn’t pass up my turn to hoist it above my head.

Richard Tyson – a Mobile native – who starred in Blackhawk Down – was also there. Tyson held court with the ladies (i.e. DeeDee Ritchie & Cynthia Campfield) who remember his steamy love scenes in Two Moon Junction. I told Tyson I loved him in Kindergaren Cop – he didn’t know whether to laugh or punch me.

Also the Threshold of Hell crew was there – Jonny, Jamie, Scott, Cameron, Nick, Nick & Tara. They are what independent films are all about – irreverent, edgy but dedicated to their craft….my kind of people.
To see what I’m talking about – visit their web site You will be impressed, too.


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