Pensacola Police change Taser policy

February 27, 2005

On Friday (2/25) the Pensacola Police Department announced at a press conference its new Taser policy. Of course, the Independent wasn’t invited – but our presence was definitely felt.

The new policy

  • Limits the use of Tasers to incidents of “active resistance,” during which suspects take actions to escape or avoid arrest.
  • Requires each use of a Taser to be reviewed by a supervisor
  • Doubles Taser training to twice a year
  • Mandates that officers not take Tasers into correctional facilities – the key reason we got involved.
  • Mandates special caution on using the Taser on the elderly, very young or on individuals in obvious poor health

Special thanks needs to go to WEAR and Mollye Barrows for helping get our Taser abuse story out. The combined pressure from both media made the difference.

Now let’s see how Sheriff McNesby responds………..


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